Expand Your VoIP Business Worldwide

Most user friendly interface,
Wholesale & Retail on a single platform,
Enjoy Barrier free call capacity


Enjoy The Freedom Of Billing & Routing

Painless Billing(built in): saving extra costing
Advanced Routing:

Priority Routing
Random Routing
Least Cost Routing(LCR)
Quality Based Routing
Capacity Shared Routing


Redefine Your Network & Ensure Unbelievable Growth: With Class 4 VoIP Switch

High-performance class 4 softswitch
With session border controller functionality
Delivers unique combination of capabilities for VoIP traffic management.


Redefine Your VoIP Experience: All VoIP Solution In One Platform

Highest flexibility.
Maximum security
Hassel free technology


Overcome All Limitations & Celebrate New Dimension Of Business

Multiple tools
PC 2 Phone
Accounting Software
Mass Email

Welcome To iSoftSwitch


iSoftswitch is Linux based VoIP Switch. We offer a complete Voice over IP switching and billing solution. iSoftswitch enables you to provide a comprehensive VoIP calling service using SIP, by providing robust call switching capabilities to your carriers’ facilities, with real-time call failure overflow.  iSoftswitch can be the back-end switching and billing system for your wholesale termination,Reseller service or consumer VoIP offering. All types of end points like Linksys PAP2, PC2Phone, Mobile Dialer, Nokia SIP Settings and IP phones can be registered in the iSoftswitch.


iSoftSwitch Special Features:

  • It Supports SIP Protocol
  • Codec Conversion
  • Latest 4 Level Reseller
  • Balance & Minute Announce before Call
  • Destination based Call Limit
  • Time based Routing and Tariff i.e. Time of day
  • Profit Protection i.e. Protect if Sell rate is lower than buy rate
  • Advanced Routing
    • Priority Based Routing
    • Random Routing
    • LCR Routing
    • Quality Route (ACD/ASR)
    • Capacity Shared Routing
  • Auto Disable Gateway if ASR/ACD lower than expectation
  • Linksys ATA Provision i.e. fully control on business
  • Nokia SIP Settings Support
  • Calls Per Sec is 30
  • 3000 calls on Fully Media Mode.


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